Lawyer’s Profile

Nobuya Fukumoto

Through the 10 years of public service as a prosecutor and a bureaucrat at the Ministry of Justice, I experienced broadscale legal affairs. Then I became a lawyer in 2000.

The legal logic ability which I trained through the legislation of the Civil Code and the Criminal Code as a bureaucrat at MJ is now my great treasury. As I, through the legislation, comprehended that “Jurisprudence is Mathematics”, it is my advantageous skill to create an original legal logic purely by logical thinking in a field of no leading cases nor studies.

The experience of criminal investigations and trials as a prosecutor and that of various interrogations as a lawyer helped me acquiring original interrogating technics, especially cross examination technics, in a sense, which is my most advantageous and confident skill. As a matter of fact, many of my clients highly evaluate my cross examination against the other parties. I think that cross examination requires lawyer’s synthetic skill which is based on the broad wide intelligence such as classics, history, general arts, psychology, science, knolege of social and economic conditions or various matters, also accumulation of people watching. So, I always try to absorb something through private and business activities for my human study.  

I make it my motto to be sincere and honest and to make my clients’ interest first. It is my pleasure that my clients satisfy my performances.

As I have various experience as a prosecutor and a lawyer, my clients sometimes consult with me about the business matters such as corporate administrations and specific trading which include no legal matters.  


Mar.1988Graduated from University of Tokyo, Law Department
Oct.1988Passed the Bar Examination
Apr.1989The Supreme Court Legal Trainee
Apr.1991Tokyo District Prosecutors Office
Apr.1992Tsu District Prosecutors Office Yokkaichi-Branch
Apr.1994Niigata District Prosecutors Office
Apr.1995Tokyo District Prosecutors Office
Apr.1996Urawa District Prosecutors Office
Jun.1996Notre Dame Law School
Jun.1997Civil Affairs Bureau of The Ministry of Justice (engaged in revision of the Civil Code etc.)
Jul.1999Criminal Affairs Bureau of The Ministry of Justice (engaged in revision of the Criminal Code etc.)
Aug.2000Hirakawa Law Office (attorney-at-law)
Feb.2008Established Fukumoto Law Office

Books and Monographs

  • “Interpretation of the Office Election Law”
  • “Interpretation of the Corporate Law revision”
  • “Criminal Cases of 2000”
  • “Case study of investigating serial midnight robberies”
  • “Interpretation of the Civil Code revision”
  • “Interpretation of the new legal system for Guardian of Adult”
  • “Q&Afor the new legal system for Guardian of Adult”
  • “Legal system for Guardian of Adult  Interpretaion of the law and the Method of practice”
  • “Easy Interpretation of the new legal system for Guardian of Adult”
  • “Divorce claim from the liable spouse ”
  • “100 Cases of deposit”
  • “Interpretation of the Deposit law and rules”